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     Universitas News
      This page was updated 4/12/08

Universitas Leadership Sanctuary

You won't be visiting this amazing retreat, unless you are one of the few leaders of this planet.  The Universitas Leadership Sanctuary is proposed for the east end of Lake Las Vegas and will be reserved for world leaders. Presidents, Prime Ministers and The Dalai Lama will be the guests.  This is to be a place of peace and reflection; a place where the powerful can recharge their batteries or have a private conference.

The $300-million project is seeking funding donations.

The ground floor of the globe will house a library and the first floor a debating chamber.  The second floor will hold the technology to make the building energy efficient.  At the top, under a dome of glass, will be the spiritual heart of the development - the contemplation space where leaders will be encouraged to sit in silence.

The Sanctuary will have living and eating spaces for the guests below the globe.  There will be libraries and a garden to produce food.

A labyrinth of elevated walkways will meander the river (which moves water from Lake Las Vegas to Lake Mead).

We will be able to admire it from afar.

Read the full article here 


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