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   Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health News
         This page was updated 3/11/10
 Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Shots of Gehry's model

NEWS 7/13/09
Ruvo Center opens for business. Although the crumpled, melting exterior of the public areas are not yet finished, the business side of the Ruvo Center is open and operating.

NEWS 2/17/09
The world-renowned Cleveland Clinic will manage the Ruvo Center

NEWS 2/9/07 
Lou Ruvo Brain Institute breaks ground.

Renowned architect Frank Gehry has been commissioned to design a building in Las Vegas.  The Pritzker Prize-winner also created the stunningly angular, metallic-skinned structures such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Widely considered one of the world's leading architects, Gehry has designed the Alzheimer's Research Center for downtown's 61-acre Symphony Park development.

The Institute consists of approximately 67,000 square feet, including 13 examination rooms, offices for healthcare practitioners and researchers, a "Museum of the Mind," a community auditorium, and a Wolfgang Puck café.

The top photo is the view that folks will see when driving by the corner of Bonneville and Grand Central Parkway.  A metal lattice covered atrium will grace that corner.  The next photo shows the main entrance and research center. Five stories of haphazardly placed blocks with open spaces between them lends some whimsy to this architectural masterpiece.

Opening sometime in late 2010.


Some interior shots of the model
Lou Ruvo Brain Institute Construction Photos

Much progress on the complicated skin
Photos3/9/10 by Mark Adams

Come join the discussion on the blog

Several shots taken on 11/30/09 by Mark Adams, show slow the progress of this complicated structure.

Some up-close-and-personal shots of the framework
Photos 1/24/09 by Keith Bradley.



Work on the complicated framework is still underway. The other side appears to be completed. 

Top photo found on Flickr by Visible Narrative
All other photos 12/28/08 by Mark Adams

Finally, the curvy, free-form, steel facade is being installed.
The pieces are wrapped in black paper for protection.
Photo 6/8/08 by Mark Diederichsen.. 

These photos, shot on 4/24/08 by Andrew Barber, show both sides of the structure. No sign yet of the wavy stainless skin. The boxy side is interesting.

Preparing the framework before the
undulating skin is installed
Photo 3/21/08 by Jon Buhay

Twisting, turning and undulating, the fluid curtain-wall
at the Ruvo Brain Institute is coming to life. The other
side of the building is hap-hazard blocks.
Photos 11/18/07 by Mark Adams

The undulating, melting cage side of the
building is starting to take form. This puzzle
must be a construction nightmare.
Photos 10/29/07 by Meghan Hughlett



  Progress is consistent on the blocky side of this
interesting structure. So far, there is no sign of the wavy
structure. Photos 9/19/07 by Mark Adams

The first construction photo of the
Lou Ruvo Brain Institute by Aaron Auxier
shows the project going vertical


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