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     Save Maude Frazier Hall
      This page was updated 6/8/10

I'm sorry to say, we lost Maud Frazier Hall --at least we gave it our all

While VegasTodayAndTomorrow.com is about all things new, we also hate to see good architecture destroyed. The Sands and Dunes were textbook examples of great mid-century-modern architecture and it hurt to watch them crumble. Keeping them was impractical. Asbestos, small bathrooms, old plumbing and other factors are impassable obstacles with structures that large.

Smaller structures are a very different story. The lobby of the La Concha motel was saved from destruction due to the many folks who signed a petition to save her. Many of you followed my lead and added your name to the petition and the building was carefully dismantled and moved to the Neon Graveyard. It will live again as the lobby for the Neon Museum downtown. Mid-century-modern design is also making a big comeback in Vegas and elsewhere. The new rendering for The Charlie Palmer (planned for downtown Vegas) and the new resort next to Allure are great examples.

This brings us to the latest building being threatened by the wrecking ball - Maude Frazier Hall at UNLV.   Built in 1957, Maude Frazier Hall serves as the Welcome Center for UNLV and is the oldest building on campus. This mid-century-modern building has been through a few unsavory changes throughout the years. The 70's and 80's were mean to this building; additions by insensitive architects for function only, the removal of design elements like stainless steel lettering which were changed-out for plastic. Stonework was covered with stucco, windows were blocked out and the whole thing was painted white. Wow, now it's ugly for sure.

But under the ugliness (and overgrown bad landscaping), is a gem. Below you will see photos of the building from its heyday and what it has become.  I did a quick rendering of what the building could become with some TLC and BS&T. My renderings will be under the arm of Mary Margaret (a.k.a. Futura Girl) at a meeting with the University on 11/30/07. Hopefully they will help make a statement.

Futura Girl runs the website LottaLiving.com which celebrates everything mid-century. There is a very active forum on the site and I suggest you give it a visit. The thread for the Maude Frazier Hall can be seen here.  

Please sign the petition to help save and restore this building.


Photos courtesy UNLV


Photos courtesy AtomicAgeAlliance



My Preservation study renderings (how it could be)


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