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   Downtown Grand


    This page was updated on 8/23/12

NEWS 8/23/12   Work underway  

NEWS 8/19/10   City Approves Final Plans - Work to Start Later This Year

The City of Las Vegas approved the final plans summated by THE CIM Group for the total refurbishing of the Lady Luck. The final hurdle was the bridge between the two towers.  Mayor Goodman was concerned that the bridge would block the view of the Mob Museum from pedestrians along Third St.  The bridge will be stripped down and glass side-walls will be installed.

Work is expected to begin later this year with completion slated for 2012. 

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NEWS 6/8/10     Lady Luck Back in Planning Stages

After a recession induced hiatus, The CIM Group is back in front of the planning commission with their latest plans. The three biggest roadblocks are issues with trees along Ogden, the bridge between the two towers, and egress onto Stewart Ave.  CIM will iron out these issues and hopefully get the plans approved at the next
meeting on June 24th, 2010.

The plans include:

  - A full remodel of the 634 rooms and all public spaces
  - A new 17,250 sq. ft. pool and amenities deck above the existing casino
  - A very simplified (glass) remodel of the bridge that connects the two towers
  - 8,500 sq. ft. of new meeting space
  - Spa and fitness center
  - A new porte cochère on the east side
The plans also call for street-friendly architecture along Third St. Designed to look like several different "old-city" buildings. This blends it in with the streetscape on the other side of Third St. where Hogs & Heffers, Triple George Grill and sidebar reside.  

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NEWS 9/22/07   The old Lady's new owners announce bigger plans.

The now named CIM Group (the partnership between CIM LL Las Vegas LLC and Andrew Dooner) are seeking to buy the buildings along Third Street between Ogden and Fremont. They wish to create a retail and entertainment corridor which will draw pedestrians up Third Street's Frank Wright Plaza to the new Lady Luck. They also plan to remove the bridge between the two Lady Luck towers, giving visitors a better view of the old library (which is being transformed into a Mob Museum).

There's also a possibility of up to three new hotel towers. No mention was made as to the fate of the existing towers. The land owned by CIM Group also includes the area around the old library, including the current transportation center which the city plans to relocate. This land is big enough for a major project and may ignite more development in the area.  

NEWS 7/17/07   CIM Invests in Lady Luck wants project back on track.
The Lady Luck has been shuttered since February of 2006, shortly after Andrew Donner's company bought it with plans to renovate the aging property.

Now CIM LL Las Vegas LLC has stepped in with a $25 million investment. The partnership with CIM should speed up the redevelopment.


11/22/06  The Lady Luck Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas is closed and undergoing a complete renovation which includes refurbishing all the hotel rooms and expanding and reconfiguring the casino, restaurant and retail space.
The owners haven't said whether they'll keep the name when the renovation is finished.

The photo (left) was taken 10/16/06 and shows the boarded-up casino entrance.

Renderings of the project have not yet been released. The renovation should be complete by the end of 2007


The corner of Ogden and Casino Center (the area between the Lady Luck's two towers) is part of downtown's new redevelopment project which features tree-lined, widened sidewalks allowing the new restaurants and bars to offer outdoor seating for their patrons.

Triple George Grill, sidebar and Hogs & Heifers are three new and already popular downtown food and beverage outlets. 

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A Brief History

The Lady Luck opened in 1964 as Honest Johns. It was a small newsstand/smoke-shop with 20 slot machines and a few pinball machines. It was renamed Lady Luck in 1968. In 1972, it expanded from its small beginnings to engulf the whole block as a full-fledged casino with restaurants and shops. The first hotel tower opened in 1986 and the second tower was added in 1989. Lady Luck had more than 30,000 square feet of gaming space, more than 800 slot and video poker machines and 30 table games, 792 hotel guestrooms, four restaurants and a multi-level parking garage.

   This photo from 1985 shows the first tower under construction.                  Lady Luck, before closing, had a very Dan Tanna period look.        

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