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      This page was updated 12/19/10

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Cosmopolitan Now Open

Read my first impression and leave your own comment here

Read my second impression here

Outside, Cosmo's glow is exciting and inviting.

The casino is surrounded by glittering Terrazzo floors and lively lounges.
Casino cabanas are used to give you a more intimate gaming experience.

Cosmo's centerpiece is the Chandelier with several lounges within it.

The meeting room area has several whimsical touches.

The best surprise is the pool deck with a totally chill atmosphere.
Pool tables, foos-ball, ping-pong and bumper pool games are there for anyone's enjoyment.
Strip views are amazing on this outdoor deck.

All photos 12/18/10 by Mark Adams


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

This $3.9-billion, hotel/casino features luxurious appointments and state-of-the-art amenities such as flat-screen televisions and VIP access to the rooftop beach-club, as well as a jewel-studded fantasy casino, restaurants and nightclubs. Available condo-style floor plans will include 600+ square foot studios and 900+ square foot one-bedroom hotel units.

The Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino includes:

- 2,995 condo-style hotel rooms
- More than 150,000 square feet of convention and meeting space
- A 100,000 square foot casino
- A 50,000 square foot spa and fitness center
- 275,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, and entertainment space

- an
1,800-seat theatre

All this on only 8.5 acres surrounding the existing Jockey Club timeshares.

Photo by Don Pacho
click to enlarge


Cosmopolitan Model Shots 9/14/07


Cosmopolitan Renderings     Click image to enlarge


This full-size mock-up shows how the ziggity-zaggity facade
of the Cosmo will be configured. The rendered humans are for scale.


Latest Exterior Rendering 10/06/06 8/7/06 Rendering (above) shows the Beach Club on top of
 Cosmopolitan's roof. Swimming with a strip view (nice). 

                                       Latest interior renderings 4/10/07


   4/20/07  A Look Inside
   Check out these early detailed floor-plates.
In the finished resort, the floor plans are different. 
   Click image to enlarge

1/21/07   See the
early floor plans for the three podium levels.
In the finished resort, the floor plans are different.

Casino Level Retail Level Dining and Meeting Level

Exterior Lighting 3/16/09


The rendering (above left) suggested randomly placed blue "neon" lighting on the Cosmo towers.
In the photo (above right) we see it's true. 

Latest Cosmopolitan News

News 12/15/10  After four+ Years of Construction the Cosmo Opens to Rave Reviews

News 8/26/10
  Cosmo Finds a Home.    
It looks like the orphaned Cosmopolitan found a new mom. It will now be part of Marriott International's Autograph Collection. Not only part of, but the largest and only casino resort in the family of properties (the only Vegas property as well).

Marriott's Autograph Collection is an Exclusive group of independent hotels and resorts that have full access to the Marriott Rewards program and huge reservation system. I feel this is a great fit for the Cosmo


News 6/11/10   The bank-owned Cosmo is still planning a December 15, 2010 opening.  The condo aspect of this project was cancelled and all units will be condo-style hotel rooms. 

The new official name for this project is The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and the new logo looks like this:

News 4/20/09   Deniz-out

The next chapter in Cosmopolitangate includes espionage.

It seems that some x-executives of Starwood (now working for Hilton) stole the guarded documents and business plans that Starwood used to Develop their W Hotel brand. Hilton used these plans as a template for their new Denizen brand, which is now on hold "temporarily".

News 3/19/09   Cosmo may be called Denizen

The Cosmo
will be run by Hilton and be the first of their new high-end brand.....get ready....Denizen sounds more like a medicated foot powder than a high-end resort. Oh well, it is what it is.  Our friends at Vegas Tripping are already calling it "The Den" -  I can live with that.

 - see older news below the construction photos



Cosmopolitan Construction Photos
Click images to enlarge

The first few shots show the lighting on the ziggy-zaggy facade and the dynamic (yes it fades and blinks) blue lighting in the Beach Tower. We can see the logo has been removed from the Strip-front sign. The pool is getting its landscaping as well.
Photos by Jay Abramson
And some Flickr-finds from Las Vegas Lover

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The Cosmopolitan's primary sign is almost complete
Photos 7/3/10 by Mark Adams

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The first three photos (shot from various floors at Vdara) show the south side pool area on top of the podium levels. The next photos are from the Strip and show the Bellagio side of the podium

Photos 6/19/10 by Mark Adams

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These photos show workers completing the Beach Club amenities deck atop the podium levels at Cosmopolitan.
Nice looking cabanas.

Photos 6/10/10 by Mark Adams

The first two rows in this set takes a look at the southeast corner of Cosmopolitan. The Beach Club is finally getting its skin. The third row takes a closer look at the glass facade along the Strip. The last row shows the northeast corner, two birds eye views of the beach deck (shot from Vdara) and a peek at the enclosed Porte Cochére.

Below, we see that the ziggy-zaggy glass facade will be outlined in white light. That will make the facade a stunning feature.
All photos 12/5 - 23/09 by Mark Adams

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A detailed look at Cosmopolitan shot on 4/20/09
by Vanishing VTL on flickr.

I wonder why the side facing north is so blah.
(second row)



A nice set shot on 3/31/09 from "Steve and Nazim's" photostream at flickr.

Four nice shots taken by Brian Grapes on 3/17/09
show the crown work is almost complete.

The last two shots taken by Aaron Auxier on 3/12/09 from
Panorama Towers , show the south side of Cosmo with rippling
curves and a perched beach nightclub.

Both of Cosmopolitan's towers are topped off and crowns are being installed. The glass facade is progressing nicely.

Photos 1/30/09 and 2/3/09 by Jay Abramson, Bill Adams and Steve Covington


The Cosmopolitan Spa tower is topped off and work on the crown is in progress.  You can see the tapered top few floors of the (thinner) Beach Club Tower which still has two floors to go before the crown.
Photos 1/13/09 by Daniel Lamontagne

Cosmo's facade gets its first glass
Photo 12/22/08 by Mark Adams


Cosmopolitan's Beach Club Tower is up to 47 of its 53 floors and the main hotel tower is at 48 of its 61 floors. The Jockey Club is looking rather needy and I hope they start the exterior renovation soon. 

The podium levels and pool deck are coming to form and the framework for the staggered glass facade looks to be nearly completed. 

The last photo shows the beach-front nightclub perched atop the podium.

Photos 12/2/08 by John Diosdado and Cody Lusnia


Three great shots of the framework for Cosmo's
staggered glass facade.
Photos 10/19/08 by Daniel Harris

Work is progressing - the Beach Club Tower is up to the 41st floor
and the podium levels are taking shape.

Photos 10/16/08 by Andrew Barber.


These shots show the ziggy-zaggy facade, the overall
project and the Beach Club Tower.
Photos 9/6/08 by Andreas Loidl

Three  shots show much progress
Photos 8/28/08 by Charles Hildebrant 

Filling in and growing up, construction
continues while waiting for an owner.
Photo 8/23/08 by Aaron Auxier


Despite the recent foreclosure, construction continues on Cosmopolitan. The towers are up to 32 floors and the Jockey Club is really tucked in.
Photos 8/9/08 by Chad Minami


 A nice shot from 7/29/08 by Bob Ward

Nice shot of the overall project.
Photo 07/22/08 by Hal French

The fascia work on the podium levels has progressed, wrapping around to the Strip side. The next shot shows the Beach Club Tower up to its 26th floor. The last shot shows the Casino/Spa Tower.
Photos 7/15/08 by Aaron Auxier 

The first look at the framing for the interesting glass fascia on the Strip-front podium levels. (top left)

The other shots show the progress.

All photos 6/11/08 by Aaron Auxier


Cosmo rising quickly.
Photo 6/8/08 by VegasRain

Although some of Cosmopolitan's glass appears to be opaque,
I believe there is a protective paper backing on the inside.
This would also keep the floors cooler during construction.
Cosmopolitan refused to comment on this or anything
  during their corporate uncertainties.
Photo 5/21/08 by Aaron Auxier  

I doctored this photo by Richard Sanderson,
in order to separate the Cosmopolitan from
the CityCenter construction behind it. The Jockey Club
is shrinking more and more.
Photo 5/6/08

Cosmo's Beach Tower is rising nicely
There seems to be three colors of glass;
 blue for the windows, charcoal for the sliding-glass-doors,
and aqua for the balconies. This might just be a protective coating.
Photo 5/4/08 by Scott Becker


Photo (far left) 4/16/08, shows the Cosmopolitan rising behind the Jockey Club, with CityCenter rising behind it.
Photo (left) 4/20/08, by Mark Diederichsen, shows glass balconies on Cosmo

Cosmo in full swing
Photo 3/10/08 by Aaron Auxier


Cosmo, rising behind the Jockey Club - Vdara, rising behind Cosmo and Panorama Tower 3, rising behind Vdara.
Photo 3/7/08 by Jennifer Miller


Cosmopolitan, as seen from Panorama Towers (far left)
Photo 3/5/08 by Aaron Auxier

Cosmo's first glass (near left)
Photo 3/9/08 by Jsnod

The Big Hug
Cosmopolitan's embrace of the Jockey Club
as seen from the Eiffel Tower at Paris
Photo 2/26/08 by Tony

Coming around the west side to the front of the Jockey Club, Cosmopolitan construction is still in full swing. The wooden forms in the background are for the first two floors of the rooms tower (which will be concrete).

Photo 2/4/08 by Mark Diederichsen

A view from Planet Hollywood shows the
progression of the Cosmopolitan
Photo 11/18/07 by Nate I.

What hole? Where's the Jockey Club?
Photo 11/03/07 by Scott Becker shows
much progress when looking at Cosmo
from behind.

Work is progressing nicely on the
100' tall podium levels surrounding the
 Jockey  Club. Photo 10/17/07 by Aaron Auxier


Taken from the roof of the Marriott Grand Chateau,
these photos show the scope of the Cosmopolitan project
Photos 9/10/07 by Mark Adams

Lots of steel, Cosmopolitan's hole
is filling in nicely.
Photo 8/24/07 by Steve Covington

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is creeping around all three
sides of the Jockey Club. This panorama view is based on three photos
by Aaron Auxier 8/18/07


Say goodbye to southern views, Jockey Club,
Cosmopolitan is filling in the gaps. Cosmo is also
creeping around JC's  west side.
Photos 7/15/07 by Mark Diederichsen.


Shot from the new Bellagio employee garage,
this photo 7/9/07 by Scott Becker gives us a unique
view of Cosmopolitan as it rises from the great hole.


The west side of Cosmopolitan's 100-foot-tall podium
has reached the height of the Jockey Club.
Photos 6/17/07 by Aaron Auxier

Watching the Jockey Club slowly disappear.
Cosmopolitan is filling up the big hole
Photo 5/21/07 by Scott Becker

The pool area at the (soon to be embraced) Jockey Club
is getting the last few months of visible sun as the
Cosmopolitan rises a few feet from its edge.
Photo 05/10/07 by Aaron Auxier 

Steel rising from the great hole with
CityCenter in the background.
Photo 05/05/07 by Mark Diederichsen

The underground parking structure is finally
being built. Construction will speed up
greatly from now on
Photo 4/22/07 by Mark Diederichsen.


Photo (left), shows the west side (Casino/Hotel Tower) elevator shaft, well under way.

Photo (right) shows the (Spa Tower)
shaft and foundation in progress.

Photos 4/1/07 by Mark Adams

Finally going vertical, the elevator shaft is coming out of the big hole.
Photo 3/4/07 by Aaron Auxier

The foundation work continues on the east side of the deep hole.
Photo 2/14/07 by Mark E. Adams

Cosmo's hole is as deep as the Jockey Club is tall.
Let's call it "Jockey Canyon"
Photo 1/2/07 by Aaron Auxier

Click image to enlarge

This photo (taken 11/19/06 by Mark Diederichsen) shows the
foundation work finally underway. The 90 foot deep hole is
finished and the pad is being poured.

Click image to enlarge 

This photo (taken 9/24/06) shows the deep hole for Cosmopolitan's underground parking structure. Most of the work thus far has been on the
slurry wall, which keeps Harmon Ave. from  collapsing into the hole.

Also seen in this photo are; Panorama Towers, the new Bellagio
employee parking garage and MGM's massive
CityCenter main
hotel tower (now working on the third floor).

Click image to enlarge


Cosmopolitan News and Views


News 2/26/09     Cosmopolitan may become just another couple of towers at CityCenter

According to a report at Bloomberg.com, the orphaned Cosmo may get some well established parents. MGM MIRAGE and Dubai World are looking to Deutsche Bank (the current owners of Cosmopolitan) for a $1.2-billion loan needed to finish CityCenter.  Deutsche Bank is considering merging the Cosmo with CityCenter and putting up the loan in return for a stake in the combined projects. 

The article goes on to  say that MGM MIRAGE has made some changes in order to save money. The changes mentioned incorrectly included the delay of the opening of one hotel and the cancellation of a condo development. Of course, both of these changes were due to the rebar issue that plagued The Harmon and not a budget decision.

If this deal goes through, CityCenter will grow to 76.5 acres and have a total cost of $15.1 billion.

Read my comments and leave yours on the blog.

News 9/4/08       Deutsche Bank hires Related Cos. to finish Cosmopolitan

Deutsche Bank still owns the project and is vetting possible hotel operators.  Meanwhile, Related Cos. will oversee the completion of the resort.

Related Cos. was behind the failed Icon and Las Rambles projects.

News 8/12/08     Deutsche Bank Forecloses on Cosmopolitan

Bruce Eichner is officially out after defaulting on a $760-million loan. Deutsche Bank now owns the project and is continuing the construction while seeking a partner. MGM Mirage, Hilton, Hyatt and Starwood are on the short list. 

News 3/22/08     Will Cosmopolitan become a W Hotel?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Related Companies (the New York developer) along with Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc.'s W Hotel group are teaming up to make a bid to take over the troubled Cosmopolitan Resort Casino.  This could bring the high-end W Hotel brand to the project.

Related Companies is no stranger to Vegas.  They headed the failed Icon project in 2005 and teamed with Starwood on the failed W Hotel project that was cancelled last year. Maybe three times is a charm.

News 3/15/08     Cosmopolitan  Foreclosure Imminent

According to the WSJ, the deal between Marathon and Eichner fell through and Deutsche Bank (the primary lender) is beginning its foreclosure proceedings on Eichner's $760-million loan. We'll need to wait and see who will step in and pick up the reins. Meanwhile, construction is still moving at full steam.

News 2/23/08      Cosmo Saved

Marathon Asset Management has agreed to partner with the Hyatt Hotels to buy out Cosmopolitan developer and owner Ian Bruce Eichner. The partners will invest enough additional equity to finance the remainder of the project. Once open, Hyatt will manage the hotel and convention operations. 

News 1/19/08      Work to Continue

Perini Building and Deutsche Bank had reached an agreement that construction could continue as scheduled while new investors are sought.

News 1/16/08      Is the Cosmopolitan in trouble

(AP) Deutsche Bank took the first step toward foreclosing on the $3 billion Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino project. The construction loan of $760 million went into default Wednesday.

Bruce Eichner of 3700 Associates LLC said, "This action by our lender comes as no surprise. With the current challenges within the real estate and debt capital markets, which are out of our control... we both anticipated and planned for this. We have had multiple conversations with several groups of interested investors, which continue to be ongoing." he continued, "the demand for the condo units is strong, with 84 percent of the 2,184 units sold, and added it was not the cause of the financing problem."

Eichner is seeking an investor with $400 million to throw at the $3-billion project.

I expect this will do little more than delay the opening date.

Archived News
 Jockey Club new Porte-Cochère under way

Porte Cochère almost complete
Photo 2/14/07
by Mark E. Adams


The Jockey Club makeover begins with a new Porte Cochère and lobby
Photo 9/26/06
by Mark E. Adams

Click image to enlarge

8/11/06  Jockey Club's Renovation may be Funded by Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is upholding their end of the bargain with the Jockey Club Timeshares.  According to the Jockey Club, the Cosmopolitan has the option to remodel the exterior of the Jockey Club.  Other improvements to the Jockey Club are a result of an agreement with Cosmopolitan, and include:

  • assigned parking in Cosmo's underground lot

  • elevators from the new garage to Jockey Club's lobby

  • elevators from the Jockey Club to the Cosmo's tennis courts

  • a new and relocated (to the north side) lobby

  • A new and relocated (to the north side) Porte Cochère

  • a state-of-the-art fire and safety system throughout

  • north side landscaping

The folks at the Jockey Club are very happy with the improvements and do not refer to the Cosmopolitan as swallowing their property but rather embracing it.  After all, the 14,000+ owners of the Jockey Club will now have a great casino resort right in their laps and will be able to stay indoors on their short walk to it.

Jockey Club Face Lift

The Jockey Club's exterior face lift can go two ways; they can either try to emulate the look of the Cosmopolitan or the Bellagio.

Your humble author feels that the Bellagio is the better choice in this case.  The Jockey Club is close to the Bellagio's lake and visible from the pedestrian lakeside perches.  A Bellagioesque makeover would blend the Jockey Club into the lovely scenery letting the Dynamic architecture of the Cosmopolitan, rising behind it, have its own presence. Time will tell.

The Bellagio uses
double scale windows (two floors high) which makes the Jockey Club look like a little scale-model sitting next to it.  I worked up a paint and roof scheme which visually changes the scale of the JC to match the Bellagio. I've presented the renderings to the JC and they are impressed with them. It's possible that my idea will come to fruition.  My renderings (before and after) are below.

Click the image to enlarge.

4/24/06  New Stats
Cosmo's room count has been increased from 2,500 to 3,000.  The Casino size has been increased from 70,000 to 75,000.

10/26/05 Cosmopolitan Breaks Ground
With a modest groundbreaking ceremony, the Cosmopolitan is now on its way to reality. Construction begins on the resort's infrastructure. Perini Building Co. is removing more than 1 million cubic yards of dirt from the site to construct a 90-foot-deep excavation that will house a 3,800-space parking garage.

The new rendering and model show an interesting glass facade which looks to be inspired by Frank Gehry's bizarre hap-hazard design approach.  Two rooftop pool areas can be seen on the model, both will overlook the Strip

Jockey Club to be Swallowed (ok, embraced) by Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino is under construction on the Las Vegas Strip, directly south of the Bellagio and directly north of  CityCenter and will surround the 11-story Jockey Club timeshares on three sides.  There will be no more southern views from the Jockey Club.  Jockey Club timeshare owners will have an assigned parking area within the Cosmopolitan's parking garage (as the Cosmopolitan is being built on the Jockey Club's parking lot.  The northern rooms of the JC will still have the amazing front-row view of the Fountains of Bellagio.

Hyatt to Run Cosmopolitan's Hotel

The 1,000-room hotel portion of the Cosmopolitan Resort will be operated by Hyatt.  This is Hyatt's first Vegas Strip hotel.  Hyatt will also manage the condominium leasing program.

Cosmopolitan press release 10/25/2005

Construction Photo 08/11/06
Click image to enlarge

This model can be seen in the sales office on Harmon. Looks like the skinny tower got fatter. The purple area is the roof of the existing Jockey Club.


An early rendering








  Cosmo's underground parking structure is under way.
  Jockey Club in the foreground. Photo 5/01/06








          Early rendering        Click to enlarge

Jockey Club to be Embraced

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